It’s a Meme Thing

I’ve been tagged by Kim for a meme. Specifically, it’s to pick up the nearest book, flip to page 123, go to the 5th sentence, and read the next three sentences.

I have next to me The Journey from the Center of the Page by Jeff Davis.

“By day’s or week’s end, you may recognize patterns of our culture’s flotsam that may give you fodder for creating a fiction or nonfiction scene. Weaving in and twisting these speech bits also can give a poem texture as it comments on the nature of our daily language. One student wrote a short story in which one of the characters spoke almost entirely in commercial jingles and sound bites.”

I’ll tag CC, Lowie, Emily, and Carrie.


~ by Samer on June 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “It’s a Meme Thing”

  1. “Within this very theory, in fact, there are deep divisions: theory of quanta/theory of fields, solid mechanics/fluid dynamics, for example. But the fact that the matter under study is inaccessible to the senses often involves the paradoxal privilege accorded to “solidity” in the discoveries, and science has been slow, or has even given up, trying to analyze the in-finite of force fields. Could this be interpreted as a refusal to take into account the dynamics of the subject researching himself?”

  2. Siddhartha – Herman Hesse

    “I know, Govinda. And behold: Here we are in the middle of the thicket of opinions, in a battle over words. For I cannot deny that my words about love stand in opposition, in apparent opposition to Gautama’s words.”

  3. Nearest book was Kerouac’s Some of the Dharma, so the “sentences” are as such:

    “Devadatta, Gotama’s jealous cousin, set loose a mad drunken elephant in Rajagriha—‘thinking only on the sorrow caused by (Devadatta’s) hate’ Buddha advances slowly on the elephant, only Ananda at his side,—‘You! swallowed up on sorrow’s mud’ and pats the kneeling beast with lotus hand ‘even as the moon lights up a flying cloud.”

  4. […] 24, 2008 by Emily So, Samer incited my internet nerd and tagged me for a meme. Because it’s not time consuming, doesn’t threaten to give me 7 years of bad sex if I […]

  5. “For after al, what can memory actually do, the poor thing? It is only capable of retaining a paltry little scrap of the past, and no one knows why just this scrap and not some other one, since in each of us the choice occurs mysteriously, outside our will or our interests. We won’t understand a thing about human life if we persist in avoidinfg the most obvious fact: that a reality is no longer is what it was when it was, it cannot be reconstructed.” Ignorance: A Novel – Milan Kundera

    P.S. Try to look up Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Theory. He has used the Memetics Field to interesting findings in his application of memetic codes to the reconstruction of post-apartheid South Africa. He’s currently applying the same method in Palestine. Cool stuff.

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