Writing Lessons

My writing is going slowly, but the reason (I realized) is that it’s because I’m teaching myself how to be a writer. Any new thing brings along with it new skills and processes, and it takes time to become familiar, to gain experience, to figure how things are done.

It’s been fascinating. Not easy, mind. But certainly fascinating — both for what I’m learning about writing but also what I’m learning about myself. I’ve taken to jotting down my observations. For example:

“Writing is about listening, not necessarily pushing through.”


“It’s important to get inside the feeling. In Third Chance for Resurrection, the ‘withered yellow walls’ and ‘the smell of old flowers and poison.'”


“My greatest fear is writing poorly.”

I’ll continue to post similar observations as I go along. I can’t guarantee that they’ll make much sense to anyone other than me, but I feel it’s important to share the experience as part of my own giving back to the community of writers.

Two things I should note:

The first is that I’m not trying to get above myself here. These are just things I’m encountering as I feel my way into being a writer. Everyone’s path is different, and these “lessons” are the milestones along my particular journey.

The second point is that (of course!) anything I might have to say owes an immense debt to all of the teachers, friends, guides, and writers who I’ve depended on. In fact, I’m sure I’m just parroting what other (wiser) folks have said before. It just taken a while to sink into my thick skull. *grin*


~ by Samer on May 10, 2008.

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