Two Samurai Films Worth Watching

I watched The Hidden Blade last night and was struck by how much it reminded me of The Twilight Samurai. Both films eschew the super-heroic image of the samurai and both question the mythology around them. What happens when the lord you’ve pledged your loyalty to is unworthy of it? Are personal relationships more important than the relationship to the lord? And then there is the focus on the everyday, the realities of life for rural samurai.

It turns out that there’s a good reason for the similarity. Both films are directed by Yoji Yamada. Doh.

I really enjoyed both films though, and highly recommend them, especially The Hidden Blade. That film has some delightful acting, and the glimpses into the rural Japanese life are fascinating.

IMDB links for both films:

The Hidden Blade

The Twilight Samurai


~ by Samer on May 7, 2008.

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