The Saint of Winter and Other Stories

It’s taken some time to settle down into a writing practice. I’m still feeling rootless, and I will occasionally still catch myself worrying about where I’ll be spending the night, how to arrange access for internet and phone, etc. It’s strange. Maybe it’s because the apartment’s still empty and as a result it still feels like a temporary arrangement? That’s certainly not my plan. I bought a dining room set from Cost Plus over the weekend. A good deal too – a table with 4 chairs, all for $325. I also put a deposit down on a sofa, but that will have to wait till my next paycheck. So, there’s home-building going on. It’s just a slow process.

As for the writing, I did finish The Saint of Winter. Many thanks to Lowie and Carrie for reading and offering their feedback. The story’s certainly better for it. And thanks to Mike for the final polish. I’ll be sending it around now for publication. *fingers crossed*

And, perhaps more importantly, I’ve started working on Milo again. It’s a challenge given how the shape of the story changed as it was getting written. From short story to novella to novel. How I’m going to work it all out will take some time, but I’ve started. I’ve started. Now it’s a matter of taking the writer’s seat and seeing what happens.

A small amount of progress today but the important thing was showing up, so I’m pleased. Hmm… I’m convinced that 80% of being a writer is just showing up and seeing what happens. Also, 80% of being a writer is revision, and another 80% is the business side and taking care of your interests. But then again, I’m just starting out and I don’t really know anything yet. I’m willing to learn though. I’m certainly willing.


~ by Samer on March 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Saint of Winter and Other Stories”

  1. Ah, so that’s the final title. I like it. You are of course referring to Jacob right?

  2. I am, and I think you’d like it now. It’s changed tremendously since you first read it. It’s cut loose a lot of baggage.

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