Welcome to the Internet, Now Go Away

Woo! I haz the internets!


The obvious good news is that I have internet access at home again, and a quick look shows that I have a fair bit of correspondence to catch up on. This weekend, I promise, but before then, I have to see about a haircut, some errands, and a sofa.

I’m not actually buying a sofa – I’m still in the “just looking” phase. While I finally have money again, a goodly chunk of my first paycheck will used to pay back loans from family. Besides I’m still thinking about how I want my new place to be. I’m thinking comfy, earthy, but I won’t know how to put it together till I see… what would you call it? The cornerstone piece? The foundation? The one piece of furniture that sets the tone and feel of a place – the first domino as it were. I’m thinking it might be the sofa, thus my field trip today.


~ by Samer on February 23, 2008.

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