Quick Update

This is just a quick note to say that:

1. I still have no internet access at home, and
2. I’m still sick damn it.

The good news is that a landline was installed yesterday, so I can hook up to DSL as soon as the modem arrives from my new ISP. Hopefully things won’t be so quiet around here then. It has been useful not having to worry about the Journal – I’ve been able to focus on getting settled at work, and with me still under the weather, I’ve had to prioritize what needs getting done. Still, it’ll be nice to post more – I enjoy it and would like to get back to it more regularly.

As for still being sick, it hit me the other day just how exhausting the last couple of months have been. I’ve been pushing through and pushing through because things needed getting done, and I’m just now realizing the toll that I’ve been placing on my body. Fortunately, now that I have a job and a place to live, I can ease back and just focus on the bare essentials for a while. To rest as much as possible until my health insurance kicks in. At least I’m not coughing like before. Not as much anyway.


~ by Samer on February 13, 2008.

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