Sooper Sekrit Projekt: Revealed!

The Sekrit is revealed! I have a job! Woohoo! Let the dancing in the streets commence! Let loose the dogs of war! Oh wait, they’re already loose… reign in the dogs of war! But don’t stop dancing…

What? You want to know more? Okay, here are the not-so-detailed details:

I’ve been in Northern California for a week to interview with a mid-sized internet company working with non-profits. The process was a drain on my pocket book, but I felt it was worth 1) the trip down and 2) sticking around for an answer rather than heading back to Portland.

The interviews went well, all four of them, and I felt my chances were good. The week following was spent entirely on pins and needles and doing the just-in-case stuff – looking for other work if they said no, looking for apartments if they said yes.

But they said yes, and I signed the contract yesterday. Today, I looked at apartments. I rapidly worked down the list I’d already made and quickly figured out what I don’t want, but I’m hopeful about the handful remaining. They’re in the area I’m most interested.

Speaking of which, Redwood City – what a cool little town it is. South of San Francisco, a little bi-polar (soft/tough), an amazing library, the Pacific Ocean only 30 minutes away. Yes!

Did I mention they have an amazing library? Three floors, free wireless, a nice selection of just about everything, super-helpful librarians – it’s every kind of library win.

I’m happy and so relieved. And hey, I get to work for an internet company in the Bay Area… how cool is that?!

Even better, a couple of former colleagues from [*insert name of large human rights organization here*] are also there. Very competent and nice people too.

I’m so excited! Soon this phase of traveling will end, and a new one begin. Heehee!


~ by Samer on January 27, 2008.

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