Wil Wheaton

Remember Wil Wheaton? He played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and one of the leads in Stand By Me (a great film!). I found his blog a few months back and have been following it regularly ever since. It turns out he’s managed to avoid the pitfalls of other child actors and built a life for himself after Star Trek. Not an easy feat if you look at that show’s track record of eating people’s careers.

The guy is just so damn likable – I can’t but help root for him. Especially when he geeks out. He takes such joy in it and makes it so human. I can’t but help wanting to get in touch with my own inner geek. (There’s most certainly an XBOX 360 in my future, once I have a steady paycheck coming in.)

All this is cool in itself – I love stories of people finding and/or re-inventing themselves. It’s kind of obvious why, I think. And so I was very pleased to see this post on his blog; Wil Wheaton discovering himself as a writer. I admit I’ve had many of the same thoughts, and it’s nice to see someone else facing some of the same things. The difference of course is that he’s famous, and I’m… well… not.

So many roads and so many travelers – isn’t it wonderful?


~ by Samer on January 12, 2008.

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  1. P.S. And oh yeah… the Elizabeth Bear sure does get around. 🙂

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