Tough Drive

I’d been driving 10 hours but only got as far as Eugene in Oregon. The weather’s been absolutely horrible. Leaving Oakland it was fair skies and I thought I’d lucked out, but I soon discovered otherwise. Rainstorms, fog, snow flurries, and even a patch of black ice that had my heart in my throat and me cranking hard on the wheel desperate to get some grip on the front tires. It’s been a tough, tough drive, and even though I’m only two hours out of Portland, I’m exhausted. Not to mention a little tingling notion that maybe it would be a good idea to get off the road. I respect those notions. The car is undamaged, I’m okay if tired, and so I’m calling it a night and moving on tomorrow.

Speaking of bad weather, there are patches of Northern California that are likely to be without power till Thursday. Something like 500 miles of power lines came down in the recent storm.


~ by Samer on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tough Drive”

  1. P.S. I’m doing a disservice to my time in San Francisco, which was great, but the road trip is a bit more vivid at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have some good news report soon from the trip though.

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