Good Timing, Bad Timing, Good Timing

You have the option when driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco of taking Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). It’s a beautiful, scenic route that (appropriately enough) hugs the Pacific Ocean and provides you with a multitude of panoramic views. Just gorgeous.

That’s NOT what I did yesterday. Mostly because as lovely as PCH is, it’s so much longer than taking Highway 5, which is a direct shot up through the California central valley. The downside of taking Highway 5 is that it’s a direct shot up through the California central valley, which has to be one of the most boring drives in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, the central valley is a huge agricultural center and vital to both the California and U.S. economies. But there’s nothing to see for miles and miles and miles except for dust and the occasional cattle farm. (Time to switch off the car vents!)

This time though I had a rainstorm halfway through (with wind gusts) and that kept things interesting till I hit Oakland. My timing was good in that I missed the really heavy rains getting into town. My timing was terrible in that (today) the Bay Area is being hit by three separate rainstorms. And while I don’t mind walking around in the rain – if you’ve lived in Portland and you’re not willing to walk in the rain, then you’re not willing to walk – I draw the line at downpour. And wind gusts. Serious wind gusts that have overturned four trucks on the Richmond Bridge. In fact, it’s dangerous for any truck traveling on the east-west bridges.

So no walking tour of all my favorite places in the city. No pictures either. Instead I am warmly ensconced in a friend’s office writing, making calls, etc. Later tonight and tomorrow, I’m meeting other friends.

Sunday, the rains are supposed to ease up, and that’s when I drive to Portland, which is a lovely drive. Very green and very happy. Plus there’s an amazing view of Mount Shasta.


~ by Samer on January 4, 2008.

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