Happy New Year and a Not Quite Resolution

Happy New Year!

I had a quiet night as I’m still recovering from being sick. Though, yesterday and today, I definitely feel like I’m getting my strength back. Four straight days of rest will do that.

The coughing isn’t as frequent and when it does happen, much less intense. Also, I’m feeling well enough to write again, which is a relief. At the moment, I’m incorporating the feedback from Critters, an online writers workshop, into First Mindy. It’s a challenge though. Only a couple of readers really got the story in that it was meant as a short character sketch told through memory.

That didn’t work so well clearly, since about 2/3 of the readers wanted to be longer and follow a more traditional short story format. When I say longer, I mean novella or novel length. Which would be flattering except for the readers who didn’t understand the story at all. *embarrassment*

Good writing is good revision, so I’ll clean up the voice in the story. As it stands now, it’s too intrusive and gets in the way. This is a problem I have in general and something I always have to fight. I’m also re-structuring the story so that it does fit a more traditional short-story format, except not really. I’ve got an idea that maybe will let me have the best of both worlds. I hope. *fingers crossed*

No New Year’s resolution for me this year. I already have enough going on that I don’t think I need it. Something interesting I’m doing though that just happens to coincide with 1 January is Novel in 90. It’s an online community at LiveJournal, and the idea is to write 3 pages a day (750 words) for 90 days. At the end of 3 months, you’ll have the first draft of a short novel.

Their slogan is “270 pages of crap, how hard can it @%$*& be?”

The hard part for many aspiring writers is actually sitting down to write on a regular basis, and this community helps address that. Because really, the goal is write and get something down on paper. Even if it’s crap, because as I said above, good writing is good revision. Even the very best writers will tell you that. That what first comes out is terrible and that it’s in revision that the story improves.

Do you have a story or novel that you want to write? Why not join up as well. We can keep each other company, along will all the other members of the community.


~ by Samer on January 2, 2008.

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