Mom vs. the Crickets

While it sounds like it might be the name of an album, it is in fact a very real war between my mother and a swarm of crickets who have invaded her house. Okay, swarm might be an exaggeration, but I suspect that’s how she views them.

In Japanese households, crickets are considered good luck, but I don’t think my mother would care. Their chirping drives her crazy.

I don’t know how they got inside in the first place, but my first clue to the conflict was watching my mother stalk through the guest room with a slipper in hand. Later when honorable, one-on-one fighting would prove fruitless, she resorted to the Weapon of Mass Destruction equivalent of the engagement, the vacuum cleaner. Apparently this was a long-standing battle between them, and I was just new to the scene.

Since I’ve been staying with my parents while I’m in LA, I’ve been drawn into the fighting. I’ve captured two crickets in the past week, but true to my humanitarian background, I’ve released them back into the wild. While I doubt the Hague Protocols and the Geneva Conventions applied, I thought it was in keeping with the spirit of the laws.

If only the current U.S. administration had as much respect…


~ by Samer on December 13, 2007.

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