It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been living out of my bags since mid-June. That makes it almost half a year. Hard to believe really. Somehow it feels like both a much longer and much shorter period of time than that. It’s certainly been a very full experience to see the least.

I say this as I consider (yet again) another crossroads. At this point, I’ve exhausted all of the opportunities available in Fukuoka. Any place with an opening, and even a few without them, I’ve sent applications/resumes. As I said in an earlier post, I hope they bear fruit. But I can’t just sit and wait for that to happen. It would be foolishness. I have to think in terms of contingencies and back up plans.

So I’ve opened up my search to include Tokyo. Just taking a brief look today and yesterday, it’s easy to tell there are a lot more options there. So I’ve posted my resume to a couple of online resume banks, and sent it off to three places just today. I’ll keep digging and see what happens.

The good news is that if I do end up in Tokyo, it’s a fantastic city – one that I love with all kinds of opportunities and it’s a place from which I easily explore the rest of Japan. Not to mention make it back to Fukuoka or even be able to host friends from Fukuoka who come to Tokyo.

My intuition keeps telling me that Japan is the place to be. And so my place in Japan just might be Tokyo.


~ by Samer on November 1, 2007.

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