I mentioned Nakasu in an earlier post. It’s an area of Fukuoka, and the home of the shrine where the Yamakasa Festival begins. Nakasu, however, is also known as Fukuoka’s red light district. I got a chance to walk through some of it this past weekend, and it certainly lives up to its repuation.

I’ve taken to going exploring on Saturdays – picking a direction and walking and seeing where my feet take me. This last Saturday, I was out the door at 9 am and headed towards Nakasu. I was thinking to stop by the shrine before heading out proper, but I was distracted. There was something in the air that reminded me of film noir.  (Even though it was morning.) The feeling of something seedy in respectable clothes. It was so interesting to recognize the feeling when I’d only really experienced it through books and films. That I recognized the feeling of a kind of place from its published analogs.

In any case, this area of Nakasu is a mixture of clubs, bars, restaurants, and the small shops that every area needs. At 9 am, apparently some people were leaving work to go home. Others were just arriving for work. Along one street in particular, it was nothing but clubs. And there were men standing out front to encourage people to enter. Now I’m not a prude by a long shot, but I was distinctly uncomfortable walking along that particular street. I felt like I should shower after having passed through it.

What a world we live in and what interesting shadows.

The rest of the day was spent exploring much tamer environs.


~ by Samer on November 1, 2007.

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