Drifting Writerly

Many thanks to the folks kind enough to critique “First Among Mindys”. Lowie, Kim, Carrie – you’re the best. I took into account the feedback today, and polished up the story a little more. It’s amazing how much time can get sunk into 1100 words. 🙂

Next step is another critique – this time through the Critters Workshop, an online critiquing group. After that, one more round of revision and then I submit it for publication.

In other writerly news, I am almost to the end of writing the “chapter cores” of Milo the Dreamer. Just another five or six more chapters and I can start going back and fleshing out the story. And cleaning it up/polishing/revising as I go. Wow – it’s kind of weird to think about actually.

In a conversation with Lowie, she asked how long before I thought I had a novel that I could submit. My answer? Nine months, and that includes a couple of revision passes. That might be overly conservative, but given that I’ve never done this before (or at least nothing on this scale), I don’t want to set up any unreal expectations.

Weird, weird, weird. This is really happening. It’s been something I’ve dreamed of, ached for, for years, but it looks like I finally have the discipline and clarity to make the attempt and maybe pull it off. Nothing is guaranteed, of course. And I’ll still need a job to pay the bills. Very few writers actually make their living writing. But if I can pull it off… oh, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.


~ by Samer on October 29, 2007.

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