Practically Speaking

I had my first job-hunting anxiety dream last night. I was applying for a job teaching English at one of the big language schools, which is all well and fine, except they wanted to send me to Hokkaido, which is in the far north of Japan on the opposite side of the country from Fukuoka. There was also an exam with geometry, which I don’t particularly understand how it could have been relevant. Oh, and apparently, I couldn’t stop blowing my nose, and was… er… making a mess of my goatee.

Well, I suppose I should be grateful that I wasn’t also naked.

Practically speaking, in real life, the job hunt is proceeding. I’ve sent out five or six resumes this week, and I have one lead to follow up on tonight. (A phone call.) I’ve contacted all the major language schools, as well as three of the junior colleges. I did check into two of the major universities in Fukuoka, but one wasn’t hiring and for the other’s open position I wasn’t qualified. (They wanted a PhD.)

Hopefully one of these seeds will bear fruit, but in the meantime, I keep looking…


~ by Samer on October 26, 2007.

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