Stumbling Across Religion

The other day, I completely and accidentally stumbled across a small religious procession, and then later that night, also accidentally, wandered into the Nakasu Shrine which was celebrating the same religious holiday. The shrine in Nakasu is one of the major shrines in Fukuoka and where the Yamakasa Festival begins.

I looked afterwards was totally unable to figure out the holiday. In any case, I was very happy to run across both, and made photographs, which you can find at Flickr. You’ll note that I’ve created a second slideshow for Fukuoka. That’s probably the pattern I’ll use from now on, i.e. just adding slideshows so that regular visitors don’t have to slog through the old pictures to see the new ones.

Sample images are below:

Fukuoka 53 Fukuoka 85 Fukuoka 94

Fukuoka 46 Fukuoka 43 Fukuoka 73 Fukuoka 78


~ by Samer on October 23, 2007.

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