Nabe, Happy Nabe (and Yakitori too)

One of the cool features of having friends in far flung places (including cities you’ve recently moved to) is that they can introduce you to all the local places with the really delicious food. For example, just other night, Lowie took me to a local nabe restaurant. Not quite a hole-in-the-wall, but close. It’s one of her favorite places – partly for the food and partly because of a friendship developed with the head chef.

It truly is a local place. No gaijin other than us – just neighbors and business people. The staff was kind and helpful. And the food… well, it was terrific. Nabe is a one pot dish, often a soup or stew. Usually it’s eaten in winter, but in modern Japan, it can be eaten at any time. It’s also a communal dish, so the company you keep is very important.

This particular nabe was heavily influenced by Korean flavors. It included meat, dumplings, vegetables, and a huge mound of mushrooms. So good! And then later, they added Korean style noodles. I was a happy, happy man.


In any case, if you should so happen to find yourself in Fukuoka, check out Izumida. It’s worth a visit. On the Samer scale, I’d give it a 8.75. Happy eating!

Oh, and I should also mention a another restaurant that CC took me to last night. We met up for dinner and wandered around a bit looking for something to eat. We found another local place, this time a yakitori restaurant.

Yakitori is specifically chicken grilled on skewers and is extremely popular. However, places will often have many other foods available on skewers as well. For example, CC and I ate at the bar, which had a display case of all the foods available ready for grilling. We happened to sit in front of the bacon section (apparently), and so our selections were heavily biased towards bacon. For example, bacon wrapped okra. Which I wouldn’t have thought of, but worked really well. Also bacon wrapped mushrooms.

In any case, we each had something like 5-6 skewers plus a shared salad. All quite yummy. Unfortunately, the name of the place was in kanji, so I couldn’t read it and can’t offer it to you.

Ah, but it’s been a good week for food. 🙂


~ by Samer on October 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nabe, Happy Nabe (and Yakitori too)”

  1. P.S. I should also mention that tonight, I’m going out for ramen; a yattai along the Naka Gawa that’s supposed to be super good. Hehe!

  2. P.P.S. And no, I don’t go out every night. I’m also enjoying the use of a kitchen, but it’s often more fun to talk and write about restaurants.

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