Author’s Note

Just a quick note to say that work on Milo is continuing, and it’s going in a surprising direction which is fun to see. I’m really enjoying the process of telling this particular tale. I like the characters so much – it feels like a treat getting to spend time with them.

In any case, the way I’m writing the story as also changed. I no longer feel like I’m writing chapters, but instead the cores of chapters. I think what that must mean is that internally I’ve decided on a longer version of the story. Short novel maybe? It means more work, but like I said, I really like these characters, and I think they deserve a proper vehicle.

Also, I just finished a draft a very short story; only 1,000 words. If anyone is interested in critiquing it to help me make it better, just let me know.

If it sounds like I’m doing a lot of writing, well… I suppose I am. What’s different is that I’m being more structured about, i.e. scheduling writing appointments. So far, it seems to be working.

Not to worry, though, I’m still actively looking for work. I’m not neglecting that part of my life. In fact, on the advice of CC, I’ve just compiled a list of junior colleges in Fukuoka and will following up see if any need instructors.


~ by Samer on October 19, 2007.

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