Geekboy Returns

The boy’s been getting in touch with his inner geek this past week.

First of all, the coolest of cool is the ability to run Windows on my MacBook. How is that possible you ask? Parallels Desktop lets me run both the Mac OS and Windows XP (or Vista, but I don’t like Vista) simultaneously. Woohoo!

That means I can run Human Japanese, a very nice Japanese language software which is Windows only, on my Mac. 🙂

The other bit of geekiness is Star Trek: New Voyages. (Thanks Jeff!) “But there is no new Star Trek show.” Is that what I hear? Oh, but you are only half right. It’s a new Star Trek show, but created by fans. Yes, that’s right. A TV show created by fans. Okay, so the acting isn’t that great, and the editing in the first episode is… well… shoddy. But it slowly gets better, and the special effects are good and there’s something heartwarming about hearing those odd beeping noises and other sound effects from the old show. Ah, I forgot to mention that New Voyages is an extension of the original series with fan actors portraying Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest. They even have some of the original actors coming back for reprisals. Hehe…

Okay, so it’s not art, but you’ve got to give them credit. They obviously love the show, and they’re getting to live their dreams of playing the characters. There’s a lot of work put into it, and if you take it for what it is, it’s a lot of fun.

So if you’re a fan of the original Star Trek, boldly go forward and check it out.


~ by Samer on October 16, 2007.

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