So many of them at the moment, but for this post I’m talking specifically about whether I continue experiencing life as traveler or not. It occurred to me that the last couple of months have been exhausting. I’ve tried to find rest where and when I could, but it was a tiring schedule and perhaps more importantly, it’s tiring to be consistently open. A time is needed, I think, to retrench. To take all of the experiences and let them settle.

Leslie, my yoga teacher in LA, has a great analogy for the human heart. She likens it to a flower opening with day and closing with night. Opening, closing, opening, closing – a cycle and process where both are necessary to the health and well-being of the flower. The same is true for being an explorer. Rest and time to process are just as important as being open to new experiences.

Yes, it might be time to rest my traveler’s eyes. Just for a time. Not that there won’t be new things, and I’ll certainly continue to blog my relocation to Japan. No, what I’ll do is scale back the intensity of the experience and focus more on building. Building a life, for as long as this stay in Japan lasts.

No need to worry – the explorer continues to live on, but every journey has and needs its rest stops.


~ by Samer on October 12, 2007.

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