Massive Food Attack

One of the features of the past month spent traveling the United States was the sheer quantity and quality of food. I ate so much! From the barbecue at Phillip’s in Los Angeles to my mother’s stuffed cabbage rolls to the culinary delights of the Bachmans in Portland. If anything, and this might be a first for me, I may have eaten too much. The boy is definitely feeling a bit big at the moment.

Probably nothing is more representative of the food experience than the night my family went to The Village. It’s a place in Duarte, a small city located east of Los Angeles, and it specializes in Middle Eastern food. They have a decent selection on their menu, but it’s rare – very rare – for my family to get past the appetizers (mezza). Here… let me demonstrate why… what you will see below is a sequence of stages, all part of the full mezza.

We start with the pickles.

Village 08

Then move on to a collection of salads and light appetizers.

Village 09

Another wave of dishes come out.

Village 10

And then last and final wave.

Village 11

Let me see if I can recap… included are: hummous, stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed eggplant, baba ghanoush, tabouli, fatoush, 2 kinds of sausage, stuffed spleen, tongue, labana, stuffed grape leaves, kibbeh, kibbeh naieh, red cabbage salad, mixed nuts, olives, pickled turnip, falafel, basturma, white cheese, cheese “eggrolls”, meat pies, sauteed tomatoes, sauteed califlower, and I’m sure there are other plates that I’m forgetting/left out of the frame.

Oh, and let’s not forget dessert. Kinafeh, a confection of shredded phyllo over white cheese and drenched in atar, a sweet syrup, and topped with pistachio nuts.

Village 14

Can you say stuffed? And while perhaps the whole month wasn’t to this scale. It certainly felt like it. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to shed some poundage/inches now that I’m not quite traveling so much!


~ by Samer on October 9, 2007.

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