Fear and Spectacle

I’ve been negligent the past few days, but then again, they haven’t felt like typical days. There’s been a feeling of gathering, of collecting – of preparation for moving to Japan. What time I’ve spent, it’s been in the company of family and friends. And of time alone, wondering if I’m making a mistake. Wondering whether I’m making a fool of myself heading to Japan without a job lined up, or whether I’m seeing clearly and following an insight that will lead to good things.

I have decided to put my fear and doubts aside and to follow my intuition (yet again); to roll the dice. When I’ve done so in the past, things have usually worked out. It’s been when I haven’t paid heed to the inner whispers that situations tend to go wrong.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though, so I find myself working with single steps. Today is a travel day. When I arrive in Fukuoka, I will be staying with dear friend Lowie till I can settle in a place of my own. While I look for something suitable, I will teach English. Steps and steps and steps along an uncertain path. The adventure continues, and life again proves itself most interesting.


~ by Samer on October 6, 2007.

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