Travel Day and Last Day in Portland

Today’s another travel day. I head to Pennsylvannia to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine. Four days in Scranton to be specific, approximately two hours outside of Philadelphia. I’ll be renting a car once I hit Philadelphia and driving to Scranton. It promises to be a very long day, but I’m looking forward to seeing Jamie and I wouldn’t miss her wedding day for the world.

My last day in Portland? I got my hair cut by my stylist from when I lived here. I had intended to surprise her, but she got curious about her appointment and peeked at the last name. I also did a little shopping to take advantage of the lack of sales tax in Oregon. Later I met up with Kim at Powell’s, and we went on a mini-food-crawl. Starters at Ringlers, dinner at Shanghai Tunnel, and dessert at Voodoo Donut.

Ringlers is a McMenamins is pub. It’s part of a chain in Oregon, but they specialize in converting unusual properties into pubs. Elementary schools, churches, anything really is fair game. They have decent food and beer. Ringlers is a small place with a first floor open to the street and warm, cozy lower floor.

Shanghai Tunnel is another two floor pub. The ground level isn’t very interesting and kind of a dive. The bottom floor however takes advantage of the old shanghai tunnels that exist under Portland; tunnels used to smuggle people and goods in decades past. Literally, people would be kidnapped (shanghaid) and taken unto to ships to work as sailors. There were also other darker uses for the tunnels, I’m sure. A part of Portland’s shadow side. (Which every city has.)

And finally Voodoo Donut. A tiny place with a wide assortment of weird and unusual donuts. Want bacon on your donut? That’s the place to go. A donut dusted with Tang? Yep, that too. There’s even one shaped like a human figure with a pretzel sticking out of his abdomen – the voodoo donut that is the namesake of the place.

A nice way to finish my stay, I think.

Portland Pub 04 Portland Pub 06 Portland Pub 07
Portland Pub 14 Portland Pub 10 Portland Pub 15


~ by Samer on September 26, 2007.

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