Eyes on the Road

I am unequivocally a dork. Frequently I get excited and rush ahead. The littlest things fascinate me, and I make lots of mistakes in my enthusiasm. (Lots and lots of mistakes!) I love people who don’t fit in, and I love places that sing to me. The good news is the solid core that tends to balance out and temper the dorkiness. An earthiness that keeps me grounded.

Well… that bit about frequently making mistakes? In my hurry/excitement to upload photographs from my hike with Jeff yesterday, I managed to permanently delete every single photograph on my computer. Yes, that’s right… every single image, every picture. 3 gigabytes worth of data. That means Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan. And two hours mucking about with file recovery software – useless. Wow. That’s a first, even for me.

I suppose this is just a sign not to hang on to summer. The funny thing is that it’s even changing seasons as I type this. Fall officially started this past weekend, and the trees are starting to yellow in Portland. Maybe this is a message that what’s past is past, and that change is in the air once again.

Believe it or not, I’m mostly okay with the loss. The good news is most of the images are posted to Flickr. The quality isn’t as good, but they survive. And really, I am taking this as a sign. It would’ve been easy to hang on to my “Round the World Trip”, and this way, while of course it’s an important memory, I won’t cling to it. Loss, even small losses, teach us about what’s important. And in this instance, what’s important is now, and not what’s past. Eyes on the road, and not in memory.


~ by Samer on September 24, 2007.

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