Los Angeles Barbecue

I lived on the Westside of Los Angeles for almost 15 years, so I’m taking a couple of days to stay out that way (at my friend Carrie’s apartment) to visit friends and places.

The first thing we did was head to Leimert Park for some barbecue. Leimert Park is probably the cultural center for African Americans in Los Angeles. Just my opinion, of course, but that’s where another friend who really knows jazz used to go. (And I would tag along sometimes.) A cool little neighborhood.

As for Phillips, it’s well known among those who know barbecue, but is generally off of the general public’s radar. I had been meaning to try it for years, and Carrie and I had even tried to go once before years ago, but it had been closed at the time.

This time, though, we checked to make sure it was open. And it was. *grin* Oh, how good it was! I had pork ribs, and Carrie ordered the baby back ribs. Pictures are provided below, including before and after shots, but they below don’t really do the food justice.


A beautiful smoky, spicy, tangy sauce, and just absolutely terrific meat. The sides were decent – beans, potato salad, coleslaw, cornbread, peach cobbler – but that’s okay. The meat more than made up for it. And besides that’s what I had been craving anyway.

There are no tables, so we took the food back to Carrie’s. The pretty table with colorful inset stones is her’s.

Ah, what a satisfying excursion that was!


~ by Samer on September 15, 2007.

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