A Universal Law about Dinner Parties?

Apparently, there’s some universal law that precludes me from blogging on the days I’m cooking for a dinner party. I intended to write up yesterday’s (said dinner party), but somehow I ran out of time.

So here’s the breakdown…

Theme: Italian
Guests: 7
Courses: Intended 4, but it turned into 3 when the first course was delayed.

Course 1: Caprese Crostini, Roasted Eggplant Mini-rolls with Tomatoes and Cheese
Course 2: Parmesian Crusted Porkchops, Carrot and Avocado Salad
Course 3: Zeppole and Vanilla Ice Cream

It was so much fun – I really enjoyed the cooking. It was meditative and a welcome break from thinking/writing my dissertation. (Which is coming along, thank you for asking.)

The food highlight was probably the Zeppole, which I’d never made before, but I will certainly be making it again. So delicious! A cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar dusted fried Italian donut with an inner consistency of custard. Can you imagine?!! Sign me up.

The real hit of the evening though was Lowie’s home karaoke machine. So fun to watch, sing, and dance. Me, I danced a bit, and sang a Louis Armstrong favorite and Hey Jude by the Beatles. Hats off to Lowie, CC, and Wataru for all the dancing!

P.S. And just because I love you…the recipe for the Zeppole.


~ by Samer on September 8, 2007.

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