Breaking the Illusions of Surety

As I was first setting out on this adventure (the second part – heading to Asia), dear Friederike talked about how – to her – traveling was sacred. At the time, I thought perhaps that was going to far, but having spent some time on the road, essentially jobless and homeless, I’m not so certain anymore.

There’s something about traveling that takes you to the edge of yourself; that confronts you with the unknown, the uncomfortable, the alien. Both externally and, more critically, internally. What you thought you knew is questioned – the illusions of surety are worn away or even shattered – and opportunities for opening and/or closing are created. Traveling is all about choices – which road, which direction, to trust, to not. And it’s also, I think, about making space for faith. Letting the road lead you.

CC, in a wonderful conversation about traveling last night, distinguished it from vacationing. They are, in fact, two different things, and given all that I’ve said before, I don’t doubt now that Friederike was right. Traveling, if you let it, can be transformative, and if anything is sacred, that is.


~ by Samer on September 6, 2007.

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