Rainy Season and a Random Observation

It’s the rainy season in Cambodia, but so far it’s been relatively mild. Hardly any rain, except maybe once or twice a week. The bus ride up to Siem Reap was a rainy mess, but this morning… it only last an hour, but I’d never seen it rain so hard in my life. It was absolutely sheeting! And the funny thing was, there were still blue skies in the distance. I suspect only a narrow section of the city got poured on.

For a time, I took a break from typing my notes and just stood outside on my terrace (under cover) and watched it come down.

A random observation:

I have yet to ride on a moto that has a working speedometer. Not that they go very fast, but one day I was curious and noticed that it wasn’t working. Since then, I’ll always glance down to check, and not a one has gone past 0 mph.


~ by Samer on August 24, 2007.

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