Day 2 of the Great Photograph Upload

I’m back at Cafe Fresca – this seems to be my new home in Phnom Penh, as it’s one of the places that offers wireless internet access. It’s a bit pricey at $2 per hour, but if I want to connect my own computer to the net, then this is one of the few options available. In any case, I’m continuing to upload my pictures, and if they’re not done today, I’ll come back tomorrow to finish them off.

It’s a good thing the food is good. And if I’m honest, it’s a welcome break from the restaurants in the area around my hotel. Now that I think about it, I’ve been eating nothing but restaurant food for the past month. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for access to a real kitchen and make something home cooked. Don’t get me wrong, as you might expect, I tend to eat well, but after a while, eating out gets tiresome. At least here at Cafe Fresca, I can a simple Western-style sandwich.

Since it’s taking a while to upload the photographs, here are some samples to tide you over:
Phnom Penh 47Phnom Penh 43
Phnom Penh 30Phnom Penh 235
Phnom Penh 284Phnom Penh 151
Phnom Penh 160Phnom Penh 117
Phnom Penh 94Phnom Penh 1
In the Wall at Angkor WatAngkor Wat


~ by Samer on August 23, 2007.

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