The Wacky German

So yesterday, as may be quite obvious from my previous post, was an intense day. Fortunately, in the evening my companions and I were able to soothe our raw nerves by going to a classical music recital.

There’s an art cafe in Phnom Penh called, auspiciously enough, The Art Cafe. It’s owned by an eccentric, dissheveled fellow from Germany, who just happens to play the flute. He was joined by two others, violin and viola. All were amateurs, but skilled. It was a lovely night. The music calm and serene, the food good. I had flammkuchen, a kind of flat bread with various toppings as desired. In my case, it was topped with a mild sour cream, bacon, and mushrooms.

The proprietor was interesting. He would introduce some of the pieces with an exaggerated storytellers flair and on two separate occasions, mildly scolded the audience for talking too loudly. Including… ahem… our table. He was also clearly pleased with the attention.

And yes, I have a pictures, which I hope to God one day to be able to upload.


~ by Samer on August 12, 2007.

One Response to “The Wacky German”

  1. So according to Brandy, the violinist that night, the proprietor is perhaps not so much wacky as unpleasant. Apparently, he yells at his staff, and when he’s in a good mood, he hits on the Asian women.

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