Night Out in Phnom Penh

I met up with Joy and Gerlinda, two friends of Lowie living and working in Phnom Penh. Both are Filipina women working for a local hospital, which they’ve promised to give me a tour of tomorrow.

Last night, however, was about dinner. We drove over the Mekong by way of the Cambodia-Japanese Bridge, so named because the Japanese helped to rebuild it in 1992 after it had been bombed in Pol Pot time. Across the bridge was a narrow road that was lined on both sides by large, well-lit restaurants, their dirt lots in front filled with cars.

I didn’t catch the name of the place we ended at, but inside was really outside. Once we’d walked past the entrance, the restaurant opened up into a kind of walkway/courtyard where the center area was marshland and the surrounding space made up of individual thatched eating areas. It was a lovely evening, a cool breeze was blowing, and you could hear the marsh birds calling.

Joy and Gerlinda were wonderful company. Over the course of the night, we talked about food (of course), music, traveling, cities in general and Phnom Penh in particular, poetry, etc. They were also kind enough to provide me with advice about Cambodia/Phnom Penh.

As for what we ate, we shared: stir fried frogs legs, morning glory in oyster sauce, and loc lac. All of it was quite tasty. I also tried Angkor beer, which wasn’t bad; a simple lager.

Later, I got a drive-by tour of the river front, which I’ll probably explore some time this coming week. It’s very much tourist oriented; not necessarily a bad thing as there are a couple of wireless places I could use. Once I get the laptop working properly, that is.

Joy and Gerlinda have promised/threatened to take me dancing at one point. I’m looking forward to it!


~ by Samer on August 5, 2007.

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