Walking Around or Maybe Not

Phnom Penh is quite clearly not a walking around city. One, it is spread out with long blocks occupied by storefronts. Not much to see as a tourist. Two, everywhere you go, and I mean everywhere, you will be offered a ride. There are very few taxis per se. Instead there are tuk tuks or motos, a motorcycle/scooter where you ride on the back. There is no public transport system, unless you consider the motos to be it. On the street outside my hotel, I can count no less than 3-6 tuk tuks and 5-10 motos at any one time. Excepting perhaps at night in a downpour. (Last night.)

I’m still having computer problems, so I don’t have pictures to show you at the moment, but as soon as I can get them uploaded, I will. By the way, the tuk tuks are different than the ones in Bangkok. The Thai ones are an entire vehicle with one frame. The Cambodian ones are carriages pulled by scooters.

I’ve been on a tuk tuk now. The motos may take working up some nerve. I’m not very comfortable with 2-wheel motor vehicles, and the traffic laws in Phnom Penh seem to be more like traffic suggestions.

It reminds me a lot of Amman, especially Amman of 20-25 years ago. But I promised not to make comparisons between cities, so I won’t. Well… except to say that yes, it reminds of Amman. A lot. Different, but echoes. I still want to chew on this some more, though, but I’ll see if I can articulate my thoughts over the coming week(s).


~ by Samer on August 4, 2007.

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