Safely Arrived in Phnom Penh

I’ve safely arrived in Phnom Penh, but I’d like to hold off on first impressions till tomorrow. I’d like to take my time getting to know the place since I’ll be here for a month.

I do have pictures from my last day in Bangkok, but I’m having to access the internet from a computer not my own. The Golden Bridge, which gave me a wonderful room by the way, is not wired for internet connectivity. Í’ll see if I can convince the people at the rental place to allow me to connect my computer to their network.

One amusing story before I go. I met a very nice woman at the Bangkok airport also traveling to Phnom Penh. She’s just staying the night before the 5-6 hour bus ride up to Angkor Wat. Anyway, first night in a new city, we decided to see what there was to eat. We skipped past all the restaurants catering to foreigners surrounding the hotel and found a busy local place not too far away. As a six-foot tall black woman, she had people looking her way. But what was funny… at one point when I was asking for more bread for her, the staff working misunderstood me to say that she was my girlfriend. Apparently, the staff had thought she was my wife.

Wow, when you type it out like that, it doesn’t sound funny at all. How about this then? In the soup we had… beef intestine for the win!

And yes, it was yummy.


~ by Samer on August 2, 2007.

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