And on Thursday, Rest

Yesterday was a rest day; an opportunity to respond to email, post pictures to flickr, and otherwise catch my breath. The most strenuous activity of the day was a haircut; an adventure in itself but a humorous one – a cross-cultural exchange of limited English, even more limited Japanese, and a discussion of the relative merits of Arsenal vs. Manchester United. In the end, I walked out with a smile and a great haircut, although I fear I was something of a challenge to the staff. Every year I have less hair to work with, and the catalog of styles was truly daunting. The one thing I made very clear: no “buzzo”. Can you imagine me with a buzz cut? Maybe one day, but not bloody likely right now.

Later I spent the evening in Shibuya again to people watch. Japanese fashion is so interesting, and so much care is taken in creating just the right image. I’ll try and get some photos before I leave, but my camera’s batteries died last night. (My third set since arriving.) In any case, in addition to the usual ultra-fashionable set, I saw a number of Tokyo’s “alternative” styles. Not just Ganguro, but also Banba and Himegyaru.

The one image before my camera died:

Shibuya Alley Restaurant


~ by Samer on July 27, 2007.

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