Last Night and an Elk Sighting

It’s been a full day, my last full day in London in fact. I’m mostly finished packing up my life again. I’ve done a better job this time around about keeping things compact; winnowing down to the true essentials. Mind you, that doesn’t just mean socks and underwear. There’s nourishment for the soul as well. Little things that feed the heart in addition to keep the body warm and dry. Mementos, memories, touchstones.

I’ve still got a few more errands to run, but they’ll keep till tomorrow.

It’s my last night in London. It’s hard to believe. I want to say that it’s passed in the blink of an eye, and I suppose it has. But what it really feels like is that it’s been much longer than… what? … eleven months. Life in double time; every day a full day, an experience. That’s what it’s been like.

To commemorate this last evening in the UK, I went to dinner with my former flatmate, Tara. It was a nice way to finish, as she’s been a good friend throughout the year.
Sad, of course, but for beginnings to exist, there must be endings. In any case, it was an evening sharing good food, good conversation, and good company. Typical and representative of many other days/evenings with Tara.

Tara at The Elk

As for the restaurant, we ate at The Elk in the Wood, a funky, homey place along Camden Passage close to the Angel Underground Station. The food was generally good, and the service matter-of-fact but quirky. I definitely enjoyed the vibe in the place, although Tara was put off by the stuffed elk head on the wall.

Tara ordered a Thyme and Peppercorn Ribeye. It was good with subtle flavoring. She ordered it medium-well but would recommend getting it medium or medium-rare. I had the Rare Breed Pork Chop. It came with Sweet and Sour Figs and Lentils. The pork chop was very, very good, as were the lentils. The pancetta with the lentils was an especially nice touch. The figs were too vinegary, however, and as a result overly acidic.

Rare Breed Pork Chop with Sweet and Sour Figs on Lentils

I’d give the restaurant a 7.5 on the Samer Scale, which is good for London.


~ by Samer on July 18, 2007.

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